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Ancos has recently made notable adjustments to enhance operation and commercial efforts.

Chris Arnoldt was hired in July 2019 to lead the Sales, R&D and Marketing efforts of Ancos. Chris and his team will continue to develop Ancos’ sales processes, while deepening relationships with the existing customer base and developing new opportunities in nascent markets such as 3D printing, recycling/biodegradable polymers, and specialty packaging.  Chris joins Rice Industries from a leading engineer and contract manufacturer of saturated block copolymer sealants, coatings and adhesives.  Chris was Director of Business Development, leading the Sales and R&D teams.

E. Ben Hay, PhD was hired in November of 2019 as Lead Engineer.  Ben brings to Ancos a strong knowledge of chemistry and history of success in process and technology improvement. Ben’s focus will be on R&D project management to support customer needs and commercial growth. He will also be responsible for managing the Ancos engineering assets in the scale, process development and production efficiency of new and commercialized products.  

Valentin Alvarez has been part of Rice Industries for almost two years. He brings senior level P&L experience from Marmon Group, SPX, and GE. While Valentin has historically managed both of Ancos’ Disputanta and Darlington sites, in October, he became President of all of Rice’s contract manufacturing operations on a go-forward basis.

In support of Valentin, Shawn Sykora has been promoted to General Manager of Ancos’ Disputanta and Darlington facilities. Shawn leads Ancos’ day-to-day execution from an operations and customer service standpoint. Shawn has been with Ancos for almost two years as Operations and Compliance Manager of the Disputanta site. Shawn previously worked as an operations team leader at Advansix, a leading nylon 6 producer.