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Ancos is the leading toll processor in polymer Devolatilization. Certain polymers could have increased levels of volatiles that cause challenges for the end application uses of our customers. High levels of volatiles can cause issues in the processing of a polymer or can be problematic for environmental reasons in an end application. Ancos has a proven process and technology to support the removal of volatiles from polymers that go into a wide spectrum of end use applications. We have supported programs that go into industries such as automotive, medical and industrial films.

Ancos’ batch processing capabilities combined with our Devolatilization experience and expertise make
us the go-to partner for our customer’s Devolatilization needs. Batch processing Devolatilization is often
ideal for niche products or polymers that have increased levels of volatiles that need to be removed.

Ancos is supported by a full suite of lab scale equipment, where we can run Devolatilization trials for our customers. Following trials to determine the exact process needed to achieve the desired level of volatile removal, we work with our customers to develop scale up commercial programs for Devolatilization. Ancos has Devolatilization experience working with a wide range of polymers (i.e. polyethylenes, polypropylenes, acetyls, etc.) and have proven success in removing many different types of volatiles. If have a need or believe that a polymer you are working with could benefit from Devolatilization, please reach out and we would enjoy discussing a potential trial.