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Extend Capacity Case Study

Ancos is a leading polymer toller.  We regularly help customers with long term commercial engagements as well as short or one time needs.  We have a full collection of polymer enhancement and material handling services that support resin producers, compounders, distributors, rotational molders, injection molders and many other customers.

One type of need that customers regularly come to Ancos for is to extend their internal capacity.  Ancos is able to serve as an extension of your supply chain and deliver at a level of quality equal to your internal operations.  We regularly work with customers to support quick turnaround times, small volume orders or one time needs.

Types of situations you might face:

  • Customer demand for your product exceeds your internal capacity
  • You have the need for a small batch that will adversely impact your operational efficiency (e.g. R&D work, small customer order)
  • You have an expected or unexpected plant shutdown


  • Ancos can serve as an extension of your capacity for key processes such as Drying, Blending, Solid stating / crystalizing
  • We place significant focus on understanding the level of quality and service your customers expect, and seamlessly serve as an extension of your operations

Value Creation:

  • Value creation per pound of product could be greater than 10x the investment in marginal incremental tolling fees
  • Avoided lost orders due to demand exceeding capacity
  • Prevention of dissatisfying customers with extended lead times
  • Prevention costly change overs for small batches

Example Ancos Customer:

  • A leading advanced materials company had business demand for a dried product that exceeded their internal capacity
  • If they were not able to meet customer turnaround time expectations, they would have lost the business
  • Ancos provided overflow capacity for drying services on ~1MM lbs of product

Value creation for this customer:

  • Incremental margin saved = $2-3MM
  • Tolling investment <$175k
  • Return on investment > 10x