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Jet Milling

jetpulAncos’ sister company, Jet Pulverizer, Inc. (www.jetpul.com), offers jet milling services. Located in Moorestown, NJ, Jet Pulverizer has 15 testing and processing stations that size reduce dry powders down to sub-20 microns. Jet Pulverizer’s end markets include pigments, coatings, pharma, cosmetics, 3D printing, and various biopolymer and synthetic polymer additives.

The facility is ISO 9001:2008 and FDA Registered, and is supported by 12,000 SCFM of oil free, compressed air. Jet Pulverizer has an ISO 8 (Class 100,000) clean room that features draft ventilation, temperature & humidity controls, positive pressure airlocks, and an isolated gowning room.

Jet Pulverizer has developed proprietary processes for cryogenic milling in its ISO 8 area, including processing of plastic pellets and other heat sensitive materials used in pharma and 3D applications. Jet Pulverizer has experience processing PLA, PCL, PEEK, PBT, and Nylon 6.