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Value Creation Opportunities

Ancos is a leading polymer toller.  We regularly help customers with long term commercial engagements as well as short or one time needs.  We have a full collection of polymer enhancement and material handling services that support resin producers, compounders, distributors, rotational molders, injection molders and many other customers.  Below are a collection of sample case studies or situations where Ancos has helped customers create significant incremental value.  These case studies include examples of ways customers have used our services in both more traditional and creative ways to solve challenges they were facing or create some upside opportunity.  We regularly work with customers to collaboratively seek solutions of all kinds, and encourage you to reach out if you have needs similar or completely different from those captured in these case studies.

Grind and Dry

Ancos is regularly approached by customers that are looking to grow their presence in the rotational molding market, which requires much of its plastic supply in a powder form to enable a smooth and consistent molded part. Our customers often have a number of tight specifications for particle size distribution, final moisture content, and contamination-free processing, and they come to Ancos knowing we have deep expertise handling nylons – providing pilot and commercial scale solid-stating, crystallization, drying, and material handling services, in addition to grinding.

Extend Capacity

One type of need that customers regularly come to Ancos for is to extend their internal capacity.  Ancos is able to serve as an extension of your supply chain and deliver at a level of quality equal to your internal operations.  We regularly work with customers to support quick turnaround times, small volume orders or one time needs.

Re-Package Product

One type of short term or sometimes ongoing need that customers regularly come to Ancos for is to re-package product.  Ancos is able to handle all types of polymer packaging, including Gaylord boxes, supersacks, tanker trucks, rail cars, drums, bags, sea bulk containers and other packaging types.

Recover Full Value of Product

Another need that customers regularly come to Ancos for is to recover the full value of a product that was damaged or for some reason.  We regularly support customer recover needs through drying, blending, screening, de-dusting, de-metalizing or other services.

Upgrade Second Quality or Scrap

Ancos deep experience in processing and handling polymers, combined with our problem solving capabilities and high degree of flexibility make us well suited to support all types of recovery needs.  We regularly dry, blend, screen, pellet pick, de-metalize and de-dust product to upgrade it for our customers